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APM Music is a production music company. Music tracks from APM Music are used in such shows as The Ren & Stimpy Show and SpongeBob SquarePants. NFL Films has a joint venture between the NFL and APM Music where music is composed for NFL-related media. A notable APM Music composer is Sam Spence. Music tracks by APM Music also used in videogames such as L.A. Rush and Far Cry 3.

Free entertainment?Edit

It is a debate as to if music from APM Music is free entertainment or not. Because the tracks from APM Music are meant to be generic tracks that don't have strong copyright protection like major record labels, YouTube generally doesn't block videos simply for having APM tracks in them. And because APM Music, alongside its artists are relatively lenient about the tracks being freely distributed, albeit under the fair use doctrine, this is why the Nunica Internet Social Alliance endorses it as an example of "free entertainment".

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  • APM Music, the official website for this enterprise
  • MyAPM, an online interface for streaming tracks from APM Music

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