Acoustic fingerprinting is the concept of processing amplitude/frequency/bitrate fluctuations of recognizable sound streams that come from well-known multimedia content, whether its from celebrity speeches, music, TV or movies. In the beginning this proved to be a useful tool for making it easier for the average individual to apply ID3 tags to CD-rips of albums into MP3 or other file formats.

As a liabilityEdit

Later on, this practice has become a liability with the infamous blocking of YouTube videos having copyrighted content of the above categories.

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance's response to thisEdit

YouTube's blocking of content as a result of this automated technology is a key factor in the formation of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance's activism to secure our rights to free entertainment, along with the recruiting of other activists to join.

Nisa Records was even started as part of this movement with the release of the Nisa's YouTube Rejects series.

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