Backronyms are acronyms that change the words the original acronym refers to.

Examples within the Nunica Internet Social AllianceEdit

Excluded from list are:

  • recursive acronyms, since they are a concept that deserve their own article. For instance, it is common practice for the name Nisa to refer to itself in titles of some albums from Nisa Records.

Backronyms where Nunica and Nisa backronym one of the otherEdit

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance is the name that formed the name Nisa, which is shorthand for the longer name. Nisa itself is an acronym that refers to Nunica Internet Social Alliance of which they would form a feedback loop. Over time, some albums from Nisa Records started to backronym Nunica by having Nisa in the first initial, of which has been common practice, alongside the use of recursive acronyms on Nisa.

Examples include:

(more may be added in the future)

Backronyms elsewhereEdit

The name Lisa was backronymed as Lurg Internet Social Alliance, in which it was proposed by the Nunica Internet Social Alliance since affiliation with Johnny Lurg lead to this idea, since the name "Lisa" and "Nisa" make good rhyming names for "twins", in which these twins are activist groups, as opposed to huamn twin daughters.

Even organizations that compete against Nisa, such as the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise which is also a free entertainment activist group has backronymed the name Suzanne, presumably as an homage to Suzanne Vega whom is cited as "mother of the MP3" since that activist group also has their own record label for free MP3 albums; of which there subsidiary is Suzanne Records; in which is Suzanne's answer to Nisa Records.

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