Christmas is a holiday that is common celebrated on the 25th of December largely in the Northern Hemisphere. Christmas in July is the Southern Hemisphere's equivilent to Christmas, and sometime the term Christmas in July is used in product advertising in the Northern Hemisphere.


In religious mythology, Santa Claus delivers presents to all good kids in the world. But under the laws of physics, it is impossible for Santa Claus to deliver presents to everybody in one night.

Due to the religious programming Christmas puts on people, businesses make lots more money during the holiday season when people purchase goods. The salvation army has people holding out coin buckets with ringing bells.


Christmas is also a season when a type of music is played.

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance's role for ChristmasEdit

So far, Nisa Records has released an album titled Nisa's Holiday Fiesta 2014 with Christmas music on it.

Miscellaenous fun factsEdit

The town of Christmas, MI is a town where it is "Christmas every day". It is even noted that Santa Claus is in the town every day.

Frankenmouth, MI is home to Bronner's, world's largest Christmas store.

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