Copyfraud (or copyright fraud) is a term that refers to an unfair indictment that copyright holders make over vaguely recognzed or so-called "copyright violations" that are of minimal to no threat to credibility of the artists, or security of income for sales of their work.

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance's opinion on copyfraudEdit

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance was started as a response to counter copyfraud from greedy firms such as Warner Music Group. WMG has ruined YouTube with unwanted removal of music (or muting of it as well) from videos in such a way that YouTube users have suffered unfavorably. This is all because YouTube just happened to become an acquision of Google whom had a dispute with this firm.

Over time, some users on YouTube have even rallied for boycott of WMG in an effort to convince WMG that decimated income over copyrighted material is just inevatible. Even music that was of "fair use" was blocked too, of which Germany was one of the most common countries for music to be blocked in, and sometimes worldwide. Some copyfraud was such that even YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel got a copyright strike over some disgruntled copyright holder whom was disrespectful of this noble cause to ensure that free entertainment should be accessible.

One time, Metallica has had an infamous grudge against Napster many years prior to the founding of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, in which they just were too stubborn to move on.

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