This is some stupid vandalism of the wiki that happened on December 5, 2014.

Identity of the vandal shall remain anonymous for now.

But this is just an initial document as a report for the vandalism.

Home page vandalism

This is a pirate coming through. I am here to change or to understand more of what ever in the fuck NISA claims to want. What is a copyright and why? do they want to change the copyright. Usually communist laws are made to protect people. But when there abused they're no good. They are usually made when the governments go communist. So the point of Nisa to mr pirate are all nonsense. Eradication of unfounded dumb laws are the best way to deal with it and to learn that these laws are made to protect people, against communist. When the governmnet turns communist. The government turned communist and they made this up when they started letting jews into america. Anyone with conflicting views, jews, feel free to thwart my stance. We can let you fight on 2 grounds since your such pussies. 1.) what reason are copyrights for? if you cant debate my stance on the reason there isnt no such thing for them theyre retarded, then, you've not done anyting andwasted everyones time. 2.) you must be a copyright holder and feel you have rights for some reason. explain. retard.

Free Entertainment

Might as well have some free entertainment, on this, free entertainment site eh? I'm bored.

but dont let wiki nisa lie to you, his own readme says no copyrighted stuff on his site here. he uses it he also encourages these things and only acts silly.

Help desk statement

Main article: Forum:Welcome to the help desk

oh my god holy penises, i can edit this.  fuck fuckkk fuckkkkk

holy crap you guys nobody gives a shit quit wasting my bandwidth



This vandalism is just the "tip of the iceberg". Seeing as the Nunica Internet Social Alliance has been getting tense competition from the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise (or Suzanne for short), the vandal could be a Suzanne activist for all we know.

As a security measure, User:Nunica has protected the home page. Some pages, such as Nisa Records were already protected since a while ago since I didn't want to risk people malforming the catalogue of free MP3 albums from that record label. Now we gotta defend ourselves from activists whom joined our biggest competitor Suzanne.

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance (sometimes known as the Nisa movement) is here to KEEP ENTERTAINMENT FREE, so we summon activists for just that, and we have this Wiki to provide documentation for our noble cause, and we don't want any vandals to make us look bad, so we shall monitor the Wiki to ensure a good reputation.

--Nunica (talk) 03:34, December 10, 2014 (UTC)

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