Diana Campanella is a dancer and artist from YouTube. She uses YouTube under a variety of different usernames. She is known for her sexy dancing videos. Some of these dance videos have recently become video responses in the form of placeholder footage for the songs that get submitted to YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel.

One known characteristic about Diana is that she is always silent in her videos.

Usernames of Diana CampanellaEdit


(this list is incomplete)


Songs on NunicaMusicChannel featuring Diana's dancingEdit

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k indicates (in the style of) karaoke tracks g indicates that only instances of Animated GIF or similar cutouts constitute a cameo of Diana Campanella.

Animated GIFsEdit


an early frame-by-frame cutout of Diana's dancing from a video


another attempt at frame-by-frame isolation of Diana Campanella. Notice the boot in place of where the video was cropped

A couple of animated GIFs were made so different backdrops could be used with Diana.

Album cover appearancesEdit

At this moment, cameo appearances of Diana Campanella on the upcoming Fourth volume of Nisa's YouTube Rejects. are being planned. Some of Diana's sexiest outfits are being nominated to be used as the costume for this appearance. It is likely that her shiny leather trousers will be chosen.

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