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The Nunica Internet Social Alliance started on YTMND back in early 2012 when YTMND user NunicaMusicChannel started submitting songs to YTMND in an attempt to protest Warner Music Group's unfair blocking of songs on YouTube.

After rumors started circulating about YTMND shutting down in May 1st, Nisa worried about his cause and started a new album series called Nisa's YouTube Rejects, alongside a record label called Nisa Records. Then Nisa started an account on ZippCast when discovering that ZippCast was immune to the acoustic fingerprinting Youtube is prone to. Around June 2013, Nisa quit his membership on YTMND for good due to threats from detractors on the site, and even Max Goldberg himself, the founder of YTMND is a detractor of this noble cause, so new approaches are being sought after for activism of Nisa. Now since YTMND has deleted every site associated with the Nisa movement, the resources associated with the Nisa movement have been outsourced to other websites.

After such attempts to offer freely streamable on-demand music on YouTube after other websites suspended freely streamable music. More and more free MP3 albums were released by Nisa Records in an attempt to offer free MP3s of music that YouTube doesn't allow. Later on, ZJ Nunica has started a radio station called Nunica Radio on ZDaemon's voice chat feature in an attempt to cater to a larger audience, as well as draw in more activists to the Nisa movement. Then Nisa Records spun off into Nisa Entertainment to offer free downloads of stuff that is not music since branching off to the venture of offering free downloads of copyrighted games (albeit with intent to show it is legal and innocent with the "fair use" principle and doctrine of free entertainment activism) has called for more differentiation of naming conventions, and Nisa Entertainment may even turn into a "middle subsidiary" meaning that Nisa Records could become a subsidiary of Nisa Entertainment someday.

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