The Fall 2014 NunicaMusicChannel Mass YouTube Video Deletion' is an unfortunate event that NunicaMusicChannel had to do since NunicaMusicChannel has gotten 2 simultaneous copyright strikes in September of 2014. At one time, NunicaMusicChannel got one copyright strike in early 2014, but that strike expired before 2 more strikes occurred.

This event has involved the mass-deletion of videos from NunicaMusicChannel, in which having lots of underviewed videos, especially ones submitted before 2014 have often had views below 500, and even early NunicaMusicChannel uploads from before the summer of 2013 have had view counts below 100 VIEWS.

As many as 500 videos have been deleted from NunicaMusicChannel during this event. Lots of old links to these videos will be broken as a result of this unfortunate event.

Response to the mass deletionEdit

New proposals are being made by the Nunica Internet Social Alliance to start a new music channel as a sister entity to Nunica Music Channel. Currently, a name has yet to be chosen for the new proposed YouTube channel. All the competition the Nunica Internet Social Alliance is getting from the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise has been putting the Nisa movement under much pressure to find a new way to upload music to YouTube.

External linksEdit

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