Free entertainment is a tangible or intangible commodity that you don't have to pay money to get access to. The concept itself can mean alot of things, but in the context of being part of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, it is a system of belief that involves the idea that music should be free and legal to download. However, users on YTMND have been downvoting sites from YTMND user Nisa and his associates. However the noble cause is here to create a casual stronghold so we can know why some people have even lobbied to boycott Warner Music Group on YouTube just because some feud with Google took away users' rights to post soundtracks on YouTube.

Types of free entertainmentEdit

Public domainEdit

Creative commonsEdit

Pirated mediaEdit

Piracy of copyrighted entertainment has been going on in cyberspace since the days of Napster.

How its marketedEdit

Nisa's approach on marketing this concept is by typing FREE ENTERTAINMENT, in ALL CAPS as seen here. Its also marketed by hosting content on websites that are immune to copyright filtering, such as YTMND with user NunicaMusicChannel, alongside ZippCast user Nisa. The Nunica Internet Social Alliance believes in free entertainment with on demand programming which is why Internet radio services aren't recommended to Nisa's point of view.

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