This here is the glossary of vocabulary terms pertaining to the Nunica Internet Social Alliance

a file format for compressed digital audio, derived from the MP2 file format and the MPEG layer 1 standard.
MP3 album
an album comprising of several MP3 files as tracks. Early MP3 albums were mainly CD-rips of popular albums in the early days of peer-to-peer file sharing. But Nisa Records has redefined the concept of MP3 albums.
MP3 player
a generic name for a, generally mechless (but sometimes small hard drives are inside) solid-state means to playback audio. the Nunica Internet Social Alliance encourages use of these for MP3 album distributed by Nisa Records.
a recurring name for topics pertaining to the Nunica Internet Social Alliance
Nisa movement
a shorthand term referring to the activist group, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance.
Nisa Records
a record label spun off from the Nunica Internet Social Alliance as an alternative plan of action after several failures to host content on YTMND, as well as a response to the closure of the short-lived ZippCast account before ZippCast's demise.
a recurring name for topics relating to the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, with Nunica, MI as it's origin.
a video hosting website where users can post personal videos, and is now regarded as a jukebox. In fact, this website is where NunicaMusicChannel is based.
A humor website for online trolling where looping animated GIFs and looping audio occurs on.


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