HallowNISA 2014 is a Various Artists MP3 album compilation from Nisa Records, though its ID3 tags indicate its Album Artist as Nunica. This compilation consists of music for the Halloween of 2013, even though the album implies 2014, but the convention of putting 2014 in the name has to do with the fact that lots of products put the next "calendar year" in as early as 6 months prior, similar to vehicle model years.

This album was originally scheduled to be released on September 13th which is a Friday, but instead it was released on September 3rd.

Track listEdit

  1. Nunica - Beginning (an original track from Nisa Records)
  2. Halloween Sound Effects - Fighting Cats (a sound effect from some other Hallowen SFX album)
  3. Frank Zappa - Cheepnis (a funny song with a funny intro)
  4. Sheb Wooley - Purple People Eater
  5. Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
  6. Bobby Boris Pickett - Monster Mash
  7. Doug E. Fresh And Get Fresh Crew - Spirit
  8. John Carpenter - Halloween Theme
  9. Dave Seville feat. Alvin - Witch Doctor
  10. The Cramps - Aloha From Hell
  11. Michael Jackson - Thriller
  12. Unknown Artist - The Excorcist Theme
  13. Morbid Melvin and Creepy Clyde - The Melvin Dance
  14. Dead Kennedys - Halloween
  15. Lou Reed - Halloween Parade
  16. AC/DC - Highway To Hell
  17. Gorillaz - Dracula
  18. Rockwell feat. Michael Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me
  19. Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London
  20. The Eagles - Witchy Woman
  21. Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil
  22. Brainkreig - Decomposing Pumpkins (Homestar Runner fans will know what this is)
  23. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp
  24. Ween - Voodoo Lady

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