An internet meme is a piece of entertainment which draws in lots of views and becomes famous.

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance's involvement with Internet memesEdit

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance subsidiary Nisa Records released a free MP3 album titled Nisa's Internet Stardom Archive, as a recursive acronym of which is an album that has lots of songs from Internet memes.

Before the Nunica Internet Social Alliance came along, Internet memes themselves served as free entertainment on the net. But the Nunica Internet Social Alliance was created in response to SOPA and PIPA in an effort to show that Internet users thirst for free entertainment was harmless, in which copyfraud from websites like YouTube as well as the copyfraud that resulted in the shutdown of music/entertainment sharing websites such as Napster, LimeWire, KaZaA, and Morpheus is why the Nisa movement came alone.

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