The album cover of one of the few albums from Nisa Records to have a parental advisory label.

Jackass's Hardest Knox is an unofficial MP3 album from Nisa Records themed around music from the Jackass franchise. This product may not be endorsed by MTV, Dickhouse Productions, Viacom, or any affiliates, but its an honest fan project that grants access to alot of thrash metal music, alongside some other genres of music in the soundtrack of many Jackass shows, such as some TV episodes, Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two and Jackass 3D.

Due to the presence of cussing in these songs, a parental advisory label was put on the album cover. The name "Hardest Knox" is a play on the names and phrases: "Johnny Knoxville", "hard(est) knocks", and "greatest hits", seeing as that name would sound cooler than just "greatest hits" or "best of".

Track listingEdit

  1. Johnny Knoxville - Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville 1
  2. The Minutemen - Corona (Jackass theme song) T 1 2 3
  3. Johnny Knoxville - I'm Going To The Moon 2
  4. CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings T
  5. Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger T
  6. The Vandals - Urban Struggle 2
  7. Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat T
  8. Chris Pontius - Karazy 2
  9. Johnny Knoxville - Rectal Bleeding 2
  10. MC5 - The American Ruse T
  11. The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited T
  12. The Ramones - California Sun 1
  13. The Vapors - Turning Japanese 1
  14. Buck Owens - Made In Japan 1
  15. Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone T
  16. Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire T
  17. Slayer - Angel Of Death 1
  18. The Rezillos - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In 1
  19. Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue 3
  20. Jackass - Party Boy Theme Song T1
  21. Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train T
  22. CKY - Flesh Into Gear 1
  23. The Misfits - Hybrid Moments 1
  24. Andrew W.K. - We Want Fun 1
  • T from a TV episode
  • 1 from the first Jackass movie
  • 2 from Jackass Number Two
  • 3 from Jackass 3D

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