This here is a list of album released by Nisa Records:

Currently available albums

Compilations created by Nisa Records

HallowNISA 2014
released September 2013
Nisa's B-boy Mix
released June 2014
Nisa's Birthday Songs (one year anniversary of Nisa Records)
released April 2013
Nisa's Geometry Songs
released January 2014
Nisa's Gr8-Track Tape Of The 70s
released October 2013
Nisa's Hits Of The 60s
Nisa's Holiday Fiesta
Nisa's Internet Stardom Archive
Nisa's Summer of Love
released July 2013
Nisa's Sweet Sixteen Songs
coming soon
Nisa's Ultimate Megadrive Dance Classics:
released July 2013
Nisa's Ultimate Necropolis Inside Celebrity Accolade:
released in response to Lou Reed's death RIP 1942-2013
Nisa's Ultimate Nintendo Dance Classics
released July 2013
Nisa's Valentines Day Album 2014:
released February 14, 2014)
Nisa's Western Country:
Nisa's YouTube Rejects series:
released April 2013
Volume 1
Volume 2
released September 2013
Volume 3
  • (download link goes here)
Volume 4
Volume 5
coming soon
Dance Party
a rockabilly compilation
Nunica Jack Swing:
NunicaMusicChannel's Greatest Hits 2014
released September 2013
Old Skool Nisalektro
  • (donwload link goes here)
R(Nisa)B series
Volume 1
Volume 2
coming soon
a compilation with reggae, and reggatron

Unofficial sponsorships or spinoffs of other album series by Nisa Records

The Evolution Of Dance: Music From The Original YouTube Video Soundtrack
based on the world-famous Evolution Of Dance video by Judson Laipply
Jackass's Hardest Knox
Released January 2014
an unofficial "Greatest Hits" album of music from the Jackass franchise (i.e. from the movies, TV shows, etc)
Nisa's Jock Jams
released October 2013
an unofficial attempt to revive the Jock Jams media franchise

Other albums reissued by Nisa Records

Super Mario Bros. The Movie: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
released September 2013

Albums coming soon

These are albums from Nisa Records which have been announced, but not yet released. So many albums have been announced in an attempt to offer incentives to members who join the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, of which many of these are announced on the Facebook page for the cause.

Excluded from list: Upcoming albums that are part of a series with already released titles. For example upcoming volumes or spinoffs of the Nisa's YouTube Rejects series are to be put in the associated list above.

Apogee's Greatest Hits
an unofficial best of album of songs from [[Apogee Software|Apogee games] (coming soon)
The Best Of (Not By) Yankovich
A compilation album with parody songs that were commonly misattributed to Weird Al Yankovic back in the days of Napster. (coming soon)
Nisa's Billboard Instrumentals
an unofficial sponsorship of Billboard Magazine, since the Billboard logo will be used to signify that the instrumentals in this album are actually "chart toppers". (coming soon)
Nisa's Birthday Songs
an album that celebrates the one-year anniversary of Nisa Records, it is likely to be released a month or two early depending on demand (coming soon)
Nisa Cappella
an a cappella compilation (coming soon)
The Nisa Polka
a polka compilation (coming soon)
Nisa's Incredible Sibling Anthems: Songs About Family
coming soon
Nisa's Insane Science Anthems
coming soon
Nisa's Mambo Number Songs
a compilation of different renditions and parodies of Mambo No. 5 and similar songs (coming soon)
Nisa's Mambo Party:
coming soon
Nisa's Modern Dance Pop
coming soon
Nisa's Modern Latin Pop
coming soon
a ska album (coming soon)
Playstation's Greatest Hits
songs from games on Playstation consoles (coming soon)
The Simpsons' Greatest Hits
coming soon
Star Trek's Greatest Hits
Star Wars' Greatest Hits
Studio 54, Where Is Nunica, MI
coming soon

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