The Lurg Internet Social Alliance is a spinoff cause of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance. This other cause to secure Internet users' rights to free entertainment is not a rival, but rather an entity with the oxymoronic title of being a "competitive affiliate" with a name to sound as if it is a twin sibling, as per the rhyming acronym, since Lisa is a far more common name than Nisa is when used as a given one. In this case, though a rhyming name was chosen for style.

After re-analyzing the differential of the Lisa movement and the Nisa movement which are ran by Johnny Lurg, and Nunica Nisa respectively, it has been proposed that these two causes shall collectively be treated as subsidiaries of the newly proposed organization Nunica Underground Network Inside Computer Activism.


These are subsidiaries associated with the Lisa movement:

Relationship to other causesEdit

Currently, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance (or Nisa) is a loyal affiliate of Lisa, in which they are dubbed as "twin sisters", and "twin brothers" in other regards.

Competition has arose from a new activist group based in Salvo, NC called The Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, or "Suzanne", in which has uploaded lots of FULL ALBUMS to YouTube in hopes to get ahead of Nisa and Lisa.

Nunica Internet Social Alliance

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Anonymous (CEO) • Johnny LurgZJ NunicaNunica Nisa


Lurg Internet Social AllianceLurg Records

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