M-231 is a state highway in the U.S. state of Michigan which runs for approx. 10 miles between I-96 near Nunica, MI and M-45 near the Grand Valley University area.


M-231 was proposed back in 2006 due to traffic congestion at a drawbridge in Grand Haven. Due to funding constraints to the state level, it was proposed that this freeway bypass shall be scaled back to end at M-45 as a way to allow traffic to bypass the drawbridge with sufficient distance of road. Currently the closest other available crossing on the Grand River to US-31 is on a bridge at 68th Avenue closer to Coopersville, MI, of which this route is labelled "Emergency US-31".

The M-231 highway has opened on October 30, 2015, about 11 days after Nisa's competitor Suzanne quit YTMND.

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance and M-231Edit

Some say that this highway project may have been the reason why Nunica, MI was chosen to have an homage in the activist group the Nunica Internet Social Alliance

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