.MP3 is a file format and filename extension that refers to a lossy data compression algorithm for digital audio. It is by far the most popular audio format. MP3 players are often used for this format due to their portability and that MP3 players are able to fit in a pants pocket, which many users take for granted.

The song "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega was used as a testbed for development of the MP3 file format.

ID3 tagsEdit

ID3 tags are used to label information about MP3s such as "title", "artist", "album", and "release year".

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance's stance on .MP3 filesEdit

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance has a subsidiary called Nisa Records which markets and distributes free albums as a ZIP file package with MP3 files that portray an album, and they even have their own album art and their own titles.

NunicaMusicChannel is another subsidiary of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, but these days they mainly use MP3s to create the soundtrack of the video files they generate for the YouTube channel of their. They used to use YTMND, but compilcations have moved operations elsewhere.

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