An MP3 album is an audio album that comprises of MP3 files. However this term can be a misnomer since other file formats such as WAV, M4A and FLAC can follow a similar principle since they also used ID3 tags to identify songs internally.

Nisa Records and MP3 albumsEdit

Nisa Records distributes free audio albums by posting download links to MP3 albums as the primary way for the Nunica Internet Social Alliance to spare YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel from the trouble of copyright bots, or simply to spare YouTube users from converting from YouTube audio to MP3 with software such as DVDVideoSoft.

Here are other reasons why MP3 albums are chosen over physical media for the Nisa movement:

  • to avoid the wear and tear that results in click-n-skips that CDs suffer from
  • to avoid the track skipping that vinyl records suffer from
  • to avoid the quality loss due to demagnetization that all tape-based media suffers from
  • to ensure the fastest process of customers making backup copies, as physical media would put a bottleneck on the timing.
  • to ensure no manufacturing costs in album distribution
  • No CD-ripping is needed to obtain these types of albums

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