Mary J. Blige is an R&B musician.



On January 23, 2014, Mary J. Blige's father from Battle Creek, MI got stabbed and this throat got slit by his ex-girlfriend in response to a restraining order he tried to put on her over prior assault incidents. His Ford Explorer SUV got vandalized with all four tires punctured. All this info has been witnessed by Nunica Nisa watching WOOD TV 8 in Grand Rapids, MI (YouTube video of news story).

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance's interest in Mary J. BligeEdit

Well, the master of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance watched a news story on WOOD 8 TV in Grand Rapids, MI about her father's death, which is tragic. Also, Nunica Internet Social Alliance subsidiary Nisa Records has a free MP3 album with a Mary J. Blige song on it, of which it is Just Fine. It is on the free MP3 album R(Nisa)B which is a play on the term R&B.

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