Newgrounds is a website that provides free entertainment primarily in the form of games and movies that run on Adobe Flash. It also has other amenities such as the Newgrounds Audio Portal which plays free music and also has an Art Portal which publishes free art. However, the free entertainment that Newgrounds offers is published under the Creative Commons license.

Internet memes originated from NewgroundsEdit

Numa Numa is perhaps the most famous Internet meme to originate from Newgrounds. This meme featured a low-quality video of Gary Brolsma dancing random moves to this song.

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance's opinion on NewgroundsEdit

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance is mainly here to legalize free downloading of copyrighted music, alongside other copyrighted entertainment. But N.I.S.A. also endorses Creative Commons as well as Public Domain entertainment too.

As a loophole to Newgrounds' policy on music copyright on the audio portal, free bootleg albums from Nisa Records such as, Nisa's YouTube Rejects is being distributed using the file dumping grounds on this website as it was uploaded as a .ZIP file (download link for Nisa's YouTube Rejects MP3 album). Since then other albums from Nisa Records have been uploaded onto Newgrounds as a hosting site for downloadable MP3 albums. So many albums have been uploaded to the dumping grounds, that multiple accounts had to be made to circumvent the 512 MB file storage limit for each account!

See AlsoEdit

  • YouTube, at one time Newgrounds served a similar purpose to this site.

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