Nisa is mainly an acronym for the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, which is a movement to secure Internet users' rights to free entertainment.

but it may also refer to...

As a usernameEdit

See also: Nunica (another username that collectively serves as a placeholder for sites where username Nisa was already taken, even User:Nunica is on Wikia itself for the Nisapedia Wiki.)
  • YTMND user Nisa who is the leader of the aforementioned movement for securing Internet users' rights to free entertainment.
  • ZippCast user Nisa, an account on ZipCast made to circumvent Warner Music Group's blocking of music on YouTube.
  • The original choice of username for these following websites, only to see that it was already taken:
  • Newgrounds user Nunica
  • YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel.

Other meaningsEdit

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