Nisa's YouTube Rejects is an album series from Nisa Records that markets music that YouTube has blocked. The original motive of starting this album series, and Nisa Records for that matter was because YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel was under pressure from bigots on YTMND who didn't appreciate the activism of the Nisa movement, alongside copyright issues with YouTube concerning music content, which is why NunicaMusicChannel previously used YTMND for free music entertainment in the first place. But later on however Nisa's YouTube Rejects was started in hopes to find a new audience who is more appreciative of free entertainment.


Nisa's YouTube Rejects was contemplated in response to the deletion of multiple accounts on YTMND which spent valuable time persevering for a gateway to freely streamable music that YouTube only blocks. Because of all these hardships, this is why it was found to be very practical to upload content onto Newgrounds to use as a file hosting website for ZIP files of free MP3 albums.

Even Johnny Lurg has started Lurg Records as a form of friendly competition to honor the concept of free entertainment. Also, NunicaMusicChannel started an account on a short-lived video website called ZippCast after the release of volume 1 of Nisa's YouTube Rejects in hopes to create a new market for freely streamable music. The Nunica Internet Social Alliance even put their album releases on hiatus when they focused on using ZippCast, only to find that ZippCast would disapppear. Then later on more and more albums from Nisa Records were created to appeal to a bigger audience since another motive for Nisa Recrods to release MP3 albums to make it more convenient to distribute MP3 versions of songs from YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel as MP3s, such as with NunicaMusicChannel's Greatest Hits 2014, which is planned to be part of a series that would take the most popular music, ironically NOT rejected from YouTube posting.

As of January 9th, 2014, YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel even got a copyright strike which was totally out of the blue for a song that wasn't expected to be blocked on YouTube in any general circumstance, of which further adds another reason why this album series needs to be marketed, though other tracks on NunicaMusicChannel have changed from "video blocked in some countries" to "video blocked worldwide" without a strike which in its own right also adds a reason as well.

Albums in the seriesEdit

  • Volume 1 (released April 2013) (download link), the VERY FIRST album to ever be released by Nisa Records, created in response to the demise of the YTMND accounts pertaining to the Nisa movement.
  • Volume 2 (released September 2013) (download link), this album was created when more songs were discovered to be blocked worldwide on YouTube.
  • Volume 3 (released November 2013) (download link) (promo (now available)) (the first product from Nisa Records, and the Nunica Internet Social Alliance in general to have any documentation in a language other than English, seeing as this album was marketed for a German audience since lots of music has been blocked in Germany
  • Volume 4 (released Febuary 2014) (DOWNLOAD LINK), This MP3 album was created in response to a copyright strike that YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel had over the song "Sweet Insanity" by Dog Fancy Disco, of which that song will definitely be included on this album, along with some other songs by Prince since Prince in general is blocked from YouTube.


Cancelled or put on holdEdit

Since its been a long time since any Nisa Records albums were released, these albums are considered "put on hold".
  • Volume 5 (coming soon), More more music has discovered to be contraband on YouTube, this album has started development just after Volume 4 got filled to the nominal play time for an album since lots and lots of songs were discovered to be YouTube contraband along the way.
  • Volume 6 (coming soon), recently, lots of songs have gotten blocked from Antarctica, so Nisa Records has announced this album even though Volume 5 isn't released yet.

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