The current-day logo for Nisa records. Revamped with bolder letters.

Nisa Records is a record label for freely downloadable MP3 albums from the Internet.

Unlike greedy record companies who lobby to seize music piracy, Nisa Records is a record label for a philanthropic cause that encourages the distribution of music and even encourages people to place music on MP3 players.

Much of what Nisa Records is offering encompasses music that is rejected from YouTube, as well as popular music genres, and other miscellaneous themes for a compilation album. Nisa Records has even gone as far as bringing out-of-print soundtrack albums back to production, but as a free product, of which Super Mario Bros. The Movie: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is that product.



Nisa Records' older logo. Phased out in favor of a new logo with thicker letters of NISA.

Nisa Records started on April 26th, 2013 with the release of Nisa's YouTube Rejects on the same day. The album was announced in response to YTMND's alleged closure, which simply turned out to be a hoax.

Nisa Records put plans for future releases of pirate compilation albums on hold due to low demand for albums. The original idea of Nisa Records was for distributing popular music that YouTube would only reject, but another idea for Nisa records is to market MP3 albums with more style, as well as to appeal to a broader market with free MP3 albums.

Recently some spinoffs of this concept have been released, a virtual mixtape of breakdancing music titled Nisa's b-boy mix and a Summer-themed various artists album titled Nisa's Summer Of Love. Then, it would offer a chance to release a planned annual series of NunicaMusicChannel's Greatest Hits, which would comprise of popular tracks uploaded to NunicaMusicChannel based on view count. Now Nisa Records has experimented with reissuing out-of-print soundtrack albums with revamped cover art, and some added bonus tracks, in which the Super Mario Bros. movie had one of those soundtracks.

As NunicaMusicChannel subscribers were increasing, and videos on NunicaMusicChannel were getting lots of view counts, many over 100, and some over 1000; the album NunicaMusicChannel's Greatest Hits 2014 was released as a way to conveniently offer higher quality downloads of music that was most popular on NunicaMusicChannel. In the fall of 2013, Nisa Records started to work on more and more free MP3 albums, of which are based on a music genre.

In the summer of 2014, Nisa Records has realized that there isn't enough demand to justify more creations of discrete Newgrounds accounts to accomodate for uploads of free MP3 albums, so the record label largely became dormant. With stiff competition coming from the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise, Nisa Records now has a rival record label, Suzanne Records which also has a similar philosophy behind free entertainment.

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For a more detailed portfolio on Nisa Records albums, and a list of not-yet-released albums, see List of Nisa Records album releases.

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  • Lurg Records, an affiliate of Nisa Records for Johnny Lurg's distribution of the media. Some album releases from this record label are somewhat of a parody of compilations from Nisa Records.
  • Nisa Entertainment, a spin-off subsidiary dealing with non-music products which are freely downloadable.

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