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Nunica, MI is a town in Crockery Township on the west side of Michigan which is located in Ottawa County, MI. The highways of I-96, M-104, M-231 (a freeway under construction that has yet to be finished), and County Highway B-31. Nunica is also home to some business, such as Nunica Bar, the Turks Inn burger restaurant which serves big burgers, and the Crockery Township Fire Department.


The town's name Nunica is derived from a foreign word called "menonica" which somewhat refers to pottery, in which this town had some pottery industry some centuries ago from Ottawa tribe indians, and the word "menonica" derived from the word "nunic".

Influence on the Nunica Internet Social AllianceEdit

Nunica, MI is also home to the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, which is a free entertainment activist group which takes its name from the city in Michigan.