The last logo for NunicaMusicChannel prior to their demise.


The previous logo for NunicaMusicChannel, still in some use.

NunicaMusicChannel, or Nunica Music Channel is a former subsidiary of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance that provided free music on some websites. It has largely been replaced with Emcee Nisa.



Original logo for NunicaMusicChannel. This one was created to compliment the Nisa logo.


An enhanced version of the original logo processed with flare and outlines.


Original prototype logo for NunicaMusicChannel back in the YTMND days. Also designed so it could be semi-symmetrical.

NunicaMusicChannel first started on YTMND in November of 2011. On that website, it struggled for a positive reputation as well as recognition since downvoters and trolls on the website were unable to appreciate philanthropic activism that is only meant to secure our rights to free entertainment. Later on in the struggle in mid-2012, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance was born, and even it struggled for recognition too, when YTMND username Nisa was also formed.

The struggle was going on for many months. In late 2012, YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel was formed in hopes for a better reputation, and it took many months of song uploads, and advertising of the cause to get a reasonable number of subscribers.

Around autumn of 2013, NunicaMusicChannel has shifted its focus of resources from posting freely streamable music on YouTube to posting promo videos for more and more releases of free MP3 albums from Nisa Records.

Mass deletion of videos on NunicaMusicChannelEdit

Main article: Fall 2014 NunicaMusicChannel Mass YouTube Video Deletion

On September 13, 2014, NunicaMusicChannel has deleted lots of videos as a response to having a second copyright strike. the YouTube channel, for a while was in serious danger of shutting down, so the Nunica Internet Social Alliance was taking some action to mitigate this risk.

As of October 10, 2014, NunicaMusicChannel has been terminated due to a third copyright strike. However, a new YouTube channel called Emcee Nisa started as a backup plan to all this.

Music on NunicaMusicChannelEdit

The music that used to be uploaded to NunicaMusicChannel encompassed almost all geres of music. However some genres such as country music haven't had much content uploaded to NunicaMusicChannel.


Music on NunicaMusicChannel used to have a playlist system, particularly on YouTube. YouTube itself has features for its playlist system that encompass things like PLAY ALL and SHUFFLE MODE which kinda give it the freedom of an MP3 player, with the randomness of a radio, and the interactivity of a jukebox. NunicaMusicChannel does not endorse Pandora Internet Radio for the very reasons regarding the fact that Pandora has a lackluster interface compared to YouTube.

When NunicaMusicChannel shut down, the plalysts it formerly had disappeared.

Compilation albums based on NunicaMusicChannelEdit

The Various Artists compilation album NunicaMusicChannel's Greatest Hits comprises of some of the most viewed tracks uploaded to YouTube user NunicaMusicChannel.

Other compilation albums from Nisa Records comprise of music that NunicaMusicChannel cannot upload onto YouTube due to copyrights over a corporate dispute Google had. To make matters worse, a song that wasn't even remotely expected to be YouTube contraband resulted in a copyright strike for NunicaMusicChannel on January 9th, 2014 of which that song is "Sweet Insanity" by Dog Fancy Disco. Because of this anomaly in copyright recognition, more songs may end up in future volumes of the Nisa's YouTube Rejects series of compilation albums, in which a new spinoff YouTube account for Nisa Records was even created as a backup plan (link tp Nisa Records YouTube channel).

Now since NunicaMusicChannel shut down from unpredictable copyright strikes, Nisa Records will be working harder to offer free MP3 albums to those who want free music. NunicaMusicChannel's Greatest Hits 2014 is still available for download despite NunicaMusicChannel's shutdown.

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