The current-day logo used for the Nunica Internet Social Alliance. This logo got a shadowing effect to modernize the look.


A revision of the logo redesigned to have thicker letters so as to be more feasible to scale down in images. Used from fall 2013 to summer 2014.


The original logo for the Nunica Internet Social Alliance used from Spring 2012 to Fall 2013.


YTMND user Dstroke503 has shown that YTMND sites associated with the Nisa movement make a big portion of the upload statistics.

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance is an organization lead by an anonymous individual on YouTube under the username NunicaMusicChannel, and sometimes uses the alias Nunica Nisa as a placeholder name for certain chores of the Nisa movement. This user was formerly on YTMND known as YTMND user Nisa until YTMND admins unfairly banned him. This organization was started in spring of 2012 in an attempt to draw in activists to stand up for their rights to free entertainment.

To this day, NunicaMusicChannel uploads music to YouTube as well as lobbies to secure rights to free entertainment. Nunica Nisa even started his own record label called Nisa Records in an attempt to circumvent YouTube's copyright filter for the free music he tried to distribute to Internet users. He even started a Facebook page on the Nunica Internet Social Alliance in hopes to get people to LIKE his cause on Facebook.

History of the Nunica Internet Social AllinceEdit

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Before the Nunica Internet Social Alliance started, people in the Internet were starting to circulate their favorite songs all over the web. The practice of downloading free copyrighted music was popularized by Napster back in the early 2000s. Then over time the RIAA and record companies fought to stop piracy of copyrighted music on the Internet, and one way of doing that was to shut down Napster in 2002. However, other file sharing networks such as Bearshare, GNUtella, Morpheus and KaZaA and others survived during the time Napster was ordered shut down. Then in 2004, LimeWire hit the scene and people started downloading music and other media from that website. Then, in mid-2005, YouTube started and was intended to be a video streaming website, however people also used it as a vector for music piracy, of which has been going on for years.

In response to the closure of LimeWire in 2010 due to an injunction, Nisa started his first account on YTMND in November of 2011. Then SOPA and PIPA came along threatening to regulate the Internet, so NunicaMusicChannel took some action to show opposition on YTMND. Later on in mid-2012, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance was born.

A struggle to fight for the rights to free entertainment has been going on using YTMND as a safe harbor for copyrighted music. Rumors started to pour about the possible shutdown of YTMND because of bad servers, but it turned out that YTMND would live on. But much backlash has erupted on YTMND resulting in the deletion of some YTMND accounts.

In response to the demise of the YTMND chapter of this history of Nisa, a record label titled Nisa Records was born, and was used to market free MP3 albums in hopes to secure availability of free music, in which YouTube's blocking of music is the very reason why this record label started out with the Nisa's YouTube Rejects album series, of which to this day has 3 volumes released (more to come in the future). Later on, with much determination to recruit activists to Nisa, Nunica Nisa started an Internet radio hobby where he plays ZDaemon under the alias ZJ Nunica, of which the Nunica Radio subsidiary was born since this hobby has helped bring more activists to the cause.

The Nisa movement in the current dayEdit

Currently, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance runs its cause on both YouTube and Facebook. The Facebook page for this cause has been struggling to get LIKEs seeing as many don't understand that this is a good cause that believes in having good intentions to secure rights to free entertainment.

On January 9th, 2014, NunicaMusicChannel got a copyright strike over the song "Sweet Insanity" by Dog Fancy Disco, so a new YouTube account has been made for the Nisa Records subsidiary of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance [1]. Months later, NunicaMusicChannel got two more copyright strikes, and a new YouTube channel, Emcee Nisa had to be created. Another challenge the Nisa movement has faced in late 2015 was stiff competition from the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise of which has been fighting for free entertainment activism with rivalry against the Nisa movement. However, as of April 22, 2015 a merger between the Nisa and Suzanne has been signed into action, so which this proposed merger (may just be an alliance between the two) has been dubbed Operation Nuni Q, since we figured that the name Susie Q shall be parodied, in which the name "Nunica" also seemed to be easy to parody like that too.

Proposed new parent groupEdit

A new parent group is being proposed, and it is called the Nunica Underground Network Inside Computer Activism, and it will unite other activist groups to also secure rights to free entertainment, and the Nisa movement may become a subsidiary.

To this day, the plans for this proposed group have stalled.

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