Nunica Nisa is an alias for a secret service worker of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance.


Not much is known about Nunica Nisa outside of the Nisa movement. However, Nunica named himself after his hometown of Nunica, MI and chose the last name Nisa as an homage on the acronym for the aforementioned activist group he started.

As a musicianEdit

A few remixes were made under the alias Nunica Nisa. Sometimes the names Nisa, and Nunica are used interchangeably as mononyms.

Some 8-bit NES and 16-bit Genesis tracks on the respective albums Nisa's Ultimate Nintendo Dance Classics and Nisa's Ultimate Megadrive Dance Classics were published under the name (artist name) vs. Nisa as a way to better indicate that they were MIDI covers interpreted with soundfonts.

As a record producerEdit

Nunica Nisa is also the anonymous producer for the free MP3 albums under the Nisa Records record label.

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