Nunica Radio is a radio station which exists on the online multiplayer first person shooter ZDaemon (a source port of Doom). Sometimes Nunica Radio is referred to as Radio Nunica, such as in the documentation for the freely downloadable ZIP file package of Doom IWADs from Nisa Entertainment.


ZJ Nunica (formatted as ZDaemon user [ZJ]Nunica) describes himself as a ZJ rather than a DJ since his DJing also involves playing Doom on ZDaemon. Nunica Radio also uses the call letters ZDNR (as of January 4th, 2014); ZDaemon Nunica Radio (sometimes Nisa Records since Nisa Records is a big sponsor and a subsidiary of the [[Nunica Internet Social Alliance since many songs from those free MP3 albums are accessed for ZJing).


Most sponsorship for Nunica Radio comes from other subsidiaries of the Nunica Internet Social Alliance in which the activism for securing Internet users' rights to free entertainment depends somewhat on radio broadcasting on online multiplayer games with voice chat, such as the aforementioned ZDaemon.

Nunica Internet Social Alliance

Emcee NisaNisa EntertainmentNisa Records (album list, songs from albums) • NunicaMusicChannel (former) • Nunica Radio Key members:

Anonymous (CEO) • Johnny LurgZJ NunicaNunica Nisa


Lurg Internet Social AllianceLurg Records

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