Salvo Music Waves is the name of a music channel, in which is a subsdiary of the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise. This music channel is the Suzanne movement's answer to NunicaMusicChannel. Near the end of October 2014, Salvo Music Waves shut down due to copyright strikes for similar reasons why it's competitor NunicaMusicChannel shut down. Salvo Music Waves has largely been replaced with Rodanthe Music Waves, of which was Suzanne's answer to Emcee Nisa.

Competition with the Nunica Internet Social AllianceEdit

Salvo Music Waves started as the immediate precursor to the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise when some residents of Salvo, North Carolina located in the Outer Banks wanted to start their own music channel to compete against Nunica Music Channel. At first it seemed like a drag for Salvo Music Waves in the beginning, but shortly after Salvo Music Waves uploaded some tracks, they realized that they had the upper hand in uploading freedom for their YouTube channel when they learned that they were able to upload full albums to their YouTube channel. But the very thing that NunicaMusicChannel had that made up for that was the fact that NunicaMusicChannel had more than 1000 subscribers. It is likely that jealous over 1000+ subscribers may have been the motive toward Salvo Music Waves to be created.

Later on Salvo Music Waves got a copyright strike over an upload of theirs, and stripped away some freedom of theirs. But some time later, NunicaMusicChannel for a third copyright strike and shut down for good. But one thing the Nunica Internet Social Alliance has done to make up for this was to start a new music channel called Emcee Nisa. It seems that Salvo Music Waves has gotten more subscribers than Emcee Nisa, and an anomaly to have happened during this time was that Salvo Music Waves' upload of Tim Curry's song "Toxic Love" has stolen the spotlight in being the first page of results for that song on YouTube. However, the shutdown of Salvo Music Waves had lead to Emcee Nisa getting the upper hand.

Now since Rodanthe Music Waves has replaced Salvo Music Waves, it is likely that Rodanthe may steal the spotlight from Emcee Nisa.

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