Super Mario Bros. The Movie: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, or simply Super Mario Bros. Movie soundtrack album is the official soundtrack album from the box office failure Super Mario Bros. The Movie. The original soundtrack album was distributed by Capitol Records.

Unofficial re-issue from Nisa Records


The makeshift album cover of the unofficial Nisa Records reissue.

Because of the aforementioned challenges this soundtrack album has had with availability to the mainstream, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance has taken the matter in their own hands by having their subsidiary Nisa Records releasing an enhanced version with some bonus tracks.

The unofficial re-issue was released in September 2013.

Track List

  1. Roxette - Almost Unreal
  2. DiVinyls - Love Is The Drug
  3. George Clinton and The Goombas - Walk The Dinosaur
  4. Charles And Eddie - I Would Stop The World
  5. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - I Want You
  6. Extreme - Where Are You Going
  7. Joe Satriani - Speed Of Light
  8. Megadeth - Breakpoint
  9. Queen - Tie Your Mother Down
  10. US3 - Cantaloop
  11. Tracie Spencer - Don't Slip Away
  12. Roxette - 2 Cinnamon Street
  13. Frankie Yankovic - Somewhere My Love 2
  14. Main Theme 1
  15. Arrival In Koopa City 1
  16. Super Mario Bros. (movie) Theme / Police Car Chase 1
  17. Lena Detects Princess Daisy 1
  18. Yoshi Appears / Descending From The Dinosaurs 1
  19. Prisoners 1
  20. De-evolution / Mario vs. Koopa 1
  21. Farewell 1

1 indicates that this bonus track was borrowed from the commonly bootlegged score album that is somewhat rare, all tracks indicated with this are by Alan Silvestri

2 indicates the obscure polka song played on the elevator scene with the Gommbas, too bad it wasn't in the original soundtrack album from Capitol Records, in which Nisa Records rectified this void.

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