A username is a unique identity for an individual or organization, particuarly for websites.

The Nunica Internet Social AllianceEdit

The Nunica Internet Social Alliance has alot of usernames for running the cause.

  • Nisa, a common username associated with the Nunica Internet Social Alliance, in fact the name Nisa itself is the initialism for the name of the organization.
  • Nunica, another common username associated with the Nunica Internet Social Alliance for some websites where the name Nisa was unavailable for association with this cause.
  • NunicaNisa, another username that is sometimes used for the Nunica Internet Social Alliance.
  • NunicaMusicChannel, a username that formerly referred to a YTMND user that is now offline; but fortunately there is a YouTube user that operates under this username, and is perhaps one of the most versatile YouTube channels in terms of music genre variety.

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