What Is Love is a song by Haddaway released in 1993. This song is of a Eurodance and house nature.

Cultural significanceEdit

What Is Love was featured in a Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrel, Chris Kattan, and Jim Carrey where they tilted their heads to this song which lead to a CD click-and-skip error (not to go off on a tangent but that is just one of many reasons why Nisa Records doesn't recommend CD burning for free MP3 albums). This skit proved to be so funny and popular on SNL, that it even spun off into a movie release of A Night At The Roxbury.

The head-tilting scene from SNL was put onto YTMND, which instantly made it an Internet meme, in which it has spawned into many parodies that replace the heads of those actors.

The cultural significance of this song is such, that the Nunica Internet Social Alliance's subsidiary Nisa Records has even released a free MP3 album with this song on it, of which is Nisa's Internet Stardom Archive. Even other albums from Nisa Records have this song, such as: