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YTMND, an initialism for "You're the Man Now, Dog", is an online community centered on the creation of hosted web pages (known within the community as YTMNDs or sites) featuring a juxtaposition of an image (still or short animation) centered or tiled along with optional large zooming text and a looping sound file. Images and sound files used in YTMNDs are usually either created or edited by users. YTMND is generally a humor website, owing its tone and culture to the original YTMND and its early imitators. Many YTMNDs, however, range the entire spectrum of what may interest the viewer, from high art to simple entertainment to the political.


YTMND originated in 2001 from Max Goldberg's original website, "", which he registered along with "" after seeing a trailer for the movie Finding Forrester in which Sean Connery says the line "You're the man now, dog!". Originally, the website featured the text "YOURE THE MAN NOW DOG.COM" drawn out in 3D ASCII text with a sound loop from the Finding Forrester trailer of Sean Connery reciting the phrase "You're the man now, dog!".[1] The advent of zoomed text currently on the website was seen in the following months, where the website also featured a photograph of Sean Connery. Goldberg's new creation inspired others to make similar sites with other movie and television quotations (or any other sound clip they wished to use).[2][3] At first, Goldberg maintained a list and mirror of these sites,[4] but the list soon became exceptionally long.[5]


A current screenshot of

In 2004, Goldberg wrote a press release after winning a lawsuit filed by Dustin Diamond for the "fan page" at the aforementioned He mentioned, as well as a new website, YTMND, that would be ready by April 10. The website opened that day after a rushed coding and design process. The site caught on in popularity and became an Internet phenomenon when major weblogs and Internet forums began linking to the Picard Song YTMND.

Height of popularityEdit

2004 to 2007 was the golden age of YTMND, as various creations within the site gained massive popularity. It was during this time that many of the timeless YTMNDs were launched.

In November 2005, YTMND changed its layout and added new features, including a comment management system and new lists for the main page.[6] A feature debuted soon after allowing users to donate money on behalf of a YTMND chosen by the user in exchange for its increased exposure through the main site.[7]

On September 24, 2006, YTMND changed to a new layout and design.[8] The re-design added new features, such as the YTMND digest.

As a promotional tool for the Nunica Internet Social AllianceEdit

Back in 2012, YTMND was being used as a tool for marketing songs that Warner Music Group won't allow on YouTube thus YTMND user Nisa was communicating with other users who also yearn for free entertainment in an attempt to protest the lost cause of blocking music from YouTube.

Not too long ago, the YTMND wiki shutdown, presumably because of low popularity. However, because YTMND user Nisa was trying to start a wiki to promote his noble cause, he will planned on mentioning old YTMND fads in an attempt to write a history report for those who are curious about the value of the fads. In fact, the YTMND website itself was based on a fad where there was a phrase uttered "You're The Man Now Dog" [1]. As of 3/21/13, a user on YTMND alleges that Max Goldberg is planning on shutting down YTMND because of lack of funding [2]. However, some users are protesting the shutdown of YTMND which is alleged to be May 1st.

There was a contest being held about YTMND servers failing left and right, and whoever wins will get a piece of YTMND history in the form of a dead server. After April 2013, Nisa, and its alt accounts were banned from YTMND.

Current dayEdit

In the current day, Nisa has declared his independence from YTMND and is now releasing bootleg MP3 albums on external websites, take for instance Newgrounds is being used as a file server for MP3 albums. Nisa used to submit music to ZippCast in response to YouTube blocking it, but seeing as that website has been shut down, new ideas are being brainstormed. Some albums from Nisa Records were released over this timeframe as a method to offer free MP3 albums, since the demise of NunicaMusicChannel from YTMND (and later YouTube) was the cause of this movement.

Since September 2014, the Suzanne Era of YTMND started, in which Nisa's competitor the Salvo Underground Zone And Nerd Network Enterprise has started a YTMND username under the name Suzanne, and has managed to outshine Nisa, and has even become more successful than Nisa to this day.

List of YTMND fadsEdit

This list is incomplete, more will be added...

List of YTMND usersEdit

Members of Nisa

activists of Nisa

detractors of Nisa

(to be continued)

  • C This account is closed down
  • N This account is the "New Nisa".

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