YouTube is a website dedicated to hosting videos. It is also been used as a harbor for pirating music.


YouTube started in 2005 when the video Me At The Zoo first aired. As YouTube grew in popularity, many music videos and TV shows were being pirated on the site. Viacom filed a lawsuit in 2006 when several old Nickelodeon shows were being submitted. Later on YouTube continued to have videos of lackluster quality become rampant as Internet users wanted to post their videos in hopes for some Internet stardom. then in 2008, Warner Music Group blocked several songs that were submitted to YouTube due to some feud that Warner Music Group had with Google. In response to this, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance tried submitting songs to YTMND in an attempt to revolt against this, but it proved to be unsuccessful due to downvoters on YTMND.

As a result of downvoters on YTMND, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance has taken some action by finding alternatives to both YTMND and YouTube with the intent to upload copyrighted music to be freely streamable. YouTube does allow some music, but the kind that YouTube doesn't allow has recently been put onto the album Nisa's YouTube Rejects as a response to this. After discovering ZippCast, which is visually similar to YouTube's pre-2008 layout, Nisa started his own account on that website for futher marketing of free entertainment. Johnny Lurg has even teamed up with Nisa to promote this cause.

supporters of the Nisa movement on YouTubeEdit

YouTube usersEdit

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YouTube multimedia systemEdit

YouTube has a multimedia playback system comprising of a playback video in a webpage with a comment thread. Fullscreen viewing is optional.


YouTube also supports a playlist system for playback. The playlist system allows videos to either be played in a designated order, or in shuffle or repeat all mode, or both. Nisa even made his own playlists of the music he submitted to his music channel in an effort to build up the cause to secure rights to free entertainment.

Nisa's playlists of music:

this list is incomplete

Problems associated with YouTube's playlist system, alongside ironic reasons why its better than some other websites:

Aside of its benefits, its not without its problems. Some problems associated with unreliable Internet connections don't always give sufficient buffers, just for audio-only use of videos that consume bandwith, alongside the inability to prebuffer the next video to play in the event of a momentary cutout of Internet signal. Other character defects of the playlist system on YouTube could have something to do with why some Internet user prefer Pandora Internet Radio over YouTube, but Nisa thinks of Pandora Internet Radio as a form of Pandora's box seeing as Pandora lacks the feature to allow on demand music playback like NunicaMusicChannel does.

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