ZippCast is a short-lived video hosting website that was designed to resemble the pre-2009 YouTube layout. However, this website shut down relatively quickly, of which has made it difficult for the Nunica Internet Social Alliance to stream free music on the Internet. During the time when ZippCast was online, Diana Campanella posted her dance videos on this website and it lead to a discovery that the Nisa movement could post music on the website that was banned from YouTube.

Because the website brought hopes up that more people would check out the website if they joined the Nisa movement, Nisa Records put their album marketing on a brief hiatus in favor of focusing resources toward adding more videos of a ZippCast account. However when the website shut down before Summer of 2013, the Nunica Internet Social Alliance had to revert to putting unblocked songs on YouTube, and brainstorm more ideas for albums from Nisa Records.

Possible comebackEdit

As of February 14, 2014, ZippCast's domain name came back, but currently it has a countdown timer until its actual revival. It is unclear as to if the short-lived account for the Nunica Internet Social Alliance will still be available.

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